Wolfman's World

Nominated 2011 Best Series All Around by Love Romances Cafe

Daniel Baker:

"Four years ago the world ended, or at least that’s when the government collapsed. The plague had hit a couple years before that. It spread so fast all the doctors in the world couldn’t stop it. The media dubbed it Werewolf Syndrome. Women and children got sick, some died. Older guys or those physically weak didn’t survive what the virus did to them.

The men that survived turned into something from the Twilight Zone. They grew larger, with denser bones, stronger muscles, and deadly claws. Slightly elongated jaws came complete with lethal fangs. Their weird yellow eyes could see in the dark, and with the depth perception of a falcon. Faster reflexes and endurance made them a top predator. One of the last newscasts I saw showed one ripping an African lion apart at the local zoo and eating it.

Oh, and aggressive? ’Roid rage is nothing compared to these guys. They either wanted to kill it, fuck it or eat it, sometimes all three, and not in any particular order. No one knows if they lost the memory of who they’d been or if they didn’t care anymore. Maybe they just plain went nuts. No one could get close enough to ask, not and live to tell about it. Not that it made them stupid. Might have been containable if it had.

Once it got started the world just tore itself apart. A fucking apocalypse. There just weren’t enough women with the combat training to handle the beasts. The women and children who managed to escape joined the few of us immune men in hidden fortresses, fighting to survive."

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Wolfman: Revelations

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Blind Devotion, Wolfman Tale 2

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Island Wolfman: Paradise

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